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····· ·等等等等还有很多,我知道的少,大部分是偶然发现的。

12.Sign up | Tumblr 目前全球最大的轻博客网站,也是轻博客网站的始祖。
13.Hot Looks, by Hype + Newness 简单的说,LOOKBOOK是个国外潮人街拍的网站。
14.BuzzFeed 一个美国的新闻聚合网站,从数百个新闻博客那里获取订阅源,通过搜索、发送信息链接,为用户浏览当天网上的最热门事件提供方便,偏娱乐化。
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16.Noon Pacific 一个精选挑选好音乐的博客网站,提供24小时不间断的混音音乐播放列表,根据太平洋时间每周一中午推送10首新歌。
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21.Movienr - We are watching 一个致力于发现世界电影,探索电影世界的交流平台,在这里你可以发现世界各地的优秀电影,同时与志同道合的电影迷一起交流和分享资源,也可以说该网站是一个电影归档数据库。找电影很好用。

刚刚在Quora上 完成一份介绍“周杰伦(Jay Chou)”的文章qr.ae/Rb7CWM,本文涉及的网站Google、CNN、Time、Biilboard等等链接均可以上,全文如下
Jay Chou: King of Asian Pop
Jay Chou,the King of Asian Pop ( 2000-2015),has written hundreds of unparalleled hits, won 15 seat Golden Melody Award (Chinese Grammy) and top the Forbes China celebrity list the first three from 2010 to 2015. In 2003,he boarded the coverwho of “TIME"(Asia)” called “the NEW KING OF ASIAN POP" .
To Forbes:Taiwan Singer Jay Chou Tops The 2012 Forbes China Celebrity List
To Time:time.com&Breaking News, Analysis, Politics, Blogs, News Photos, Video, Tech Reviews - TIME.com & Cool Jay
帮我网As the most popular Asian male singer, Jay Chou created the highest sales record for the Asian male singer in twenty-first Century(25 million copies,Piracy rate: 90%).Every year, as many as more than 1 billion people search Jay Chou in Baidu (Asian Google search engine) with 20 billion network song playback volume .In 2009 ,he was evaluated as one of "the most influential figures in Asia"by CNN.
To CNN:Jay Chou: Asia's reluctant superstar&Who Mattered Most in 2009 in Asia
&Jay Chou :www.YouTube/watch?v=1WhgeckEKos
发我我网As a contemporary C-Pop Godfather,Jay Chou arranges all compose, produce, one fifth of the lyrics and one fifth of the arrangement.His team give C-Pop music new modes of expression and pick up C-Pop original music banner.MTV EMAdescribes Him as “the Asian music industry's Bruce Lee”.
To MTV EMA:MTV EMA 2015 | 25.10.2015 | Milan | Jay Chou
帮我网Review of the Chinese pop music history, There are two iconic figures, one is a superstar such as Teresa Teng , Leslie , Jacky Cheung,the other is a standard bearer of the humanistic spirit such as Cui Jian, Luo , lizongcheng .
To '00 ,"Jay" , as a iconic leader, doubles the two identity, dominating Chinese music industry for 15 years Just like one “Legend of the Eastern Dragon"
To Facebook & Wikipedia:周杰倫 Jay Chou&Jay Chou
Deng Ke:
In the last third years, Jay Chou, a successful music production assistant, finally get the opportunity to realease one album . "Jay" debut, vague pronunciation, Chinese theme mix and R&B fusion to the great shock to Chinese music. And in Jay into singing in later stage of his career now and then look back at "Jay" this debut album, unexpectedly faint outline the Jay in the style of music on several main creative direction: warm and soft lyrical R & B; fresh rhythm song; scene of the themes and the world music elements of appropriate mix; the popularization of Chinese traditional music expression.
发我我网Just a year later, "fantasy" released. This can be regarded as a "landmark" album from various angles, to a considerable extent, extending the first album's musical imagination. Domestic violence is depressed, the shogunate ninja, haunted old house, Kung Fu family, and the valley of the Tigris and Euphrates crossing and Shanghai alley nostalgia, so gorgeous theme in Jay's powerful and unconstrained style mix and match approach, and musical style conforms very subtle, with a little polish, began to fade the "Jay" Silk sentimental, the achievements of the "fantasy" a legend.
帮我网Fang Wenshan clear and meaningful words with by Jay Chou in music of Chinese traditional music elements analysis and choice, making Jay by "China Wind" mountains Leekpai, reached an unprecedented height. By "east wind is broken", Jay has gradually formed the orchestration by slow R & B backing with Chinese color instrument, occasionally dotted warm electronic sound, the main song Fu chorus of Bi Xing music forms. Such as the critically acclaimed "blue and white porcelain", and based on the added rap, rhythm increased Chinese song "Grandpa bubble tea", "compendium of Materia Medica" and so on.
发我我网The very imaginative and scene feeling, or the exotic, or the fantasy of the song, is another distinctive label on Jay Chou. This kind of works in the form of music often copied some elements of folk music, and then projected in or lyric, or joy, or burst of anger arranger. Such as "in the name of the father" in the opera, "flowers" in the island, "oversized" chant shoes in ragtime Jazz. Strong emotional and dramatic tension, cover songs in a graceful color, for the beautiful songs catalytic out an extra layer of musical tension.
发我我网Jay assumed since the debut albums of the songwriting, Eason Chan, Jolin Tsai, S. h. E and star created a lot of works and matchless rhythm and whimsy mix and match for its creation provides solid guarantee. Rich in place of articulation for Jay, he in A4 and B4's voice change area can freely switch true sound, and in bE5 treble area still can provide short and stable mixed sound, at the same time, the rap and to master complex segmentation are called the top, the singing ability makes him able to manage a variety of novel style.
To Itunes&Spotify:Page on apple.com&Spotify
To Youtube:Page on youtube.com&JVR Offical 杰威爾音樂 JVR MusicAdvantage:
  • revolutionary contribution
  • Complete domination
  • To preserve the traditional cultural characteristics of China
  • Did not lead C-Pop to the world
To Time:Breaking News, Analysis, Politics, Blogs, News Photos, Video, Tech Reviews - TIME.com :Cool Jay & Jay Chou - The 2011 TIME 100 Poll - TIME发我我网
In 2015,Jay Chou got married with .Then,countless fans cry and shed bitter tears for their idol Jay chou ’s “ The wedding of the century”,who was called by Chinese people as “A Generation of Youth and Dreams”.
帮我网发我我网He loves basketball while Kobe’s best Chinese friend is Jay Chou.Jay Chou is also a creative business talent ranking among “THE 100 MOST CREATIVE PEOPLE in 2010” by “Fast Company ”
Comment:Once a behind-the-scenes guy who penned songs for other musicians and subsisted on instant ramen, Jay Chou has parlayed his wild success as a singer-songwriter—he reportedly made $17.5 million last year—into other ventures. His debut as a movie director, the 2007 film Secret, was an instant hit. When the film was released, he opened his second Mr. J restaurant in Taiwan, with servers wearing costumes from the film. Last year, the 31-year-old launched a dessert shop filled with Chou memorabilia; directed his first television series; and made his first foray into Hollywood, playing Kato in Michel Gondry's Green Hornet, set to release in December. This year, he says, will be devoted to music; his latest album debuted in May.
To Fast Company :70. Jay Chou
http://www.855o.comYes, he is the richest singer in Asia ranking among “the Richest singer All the time” by “the richest”.
Taiwanese actor, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and musician Jay Chou has an estimated net worth of $185 million in 2013. Currently, he runs JVR Music, his own recording company.
From 1999 through 2007, he was signed by Alfa Music. It was in 2000 when his first album titled Jay was released under the company. Since then, Jay Chou kept on releasing another album every year except in 2009. Each of his albums sold several million copies. Through the years, he has made his name rise to prominence in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, India, Mainland China, Taiwan, and various countries in Asia. As of 2010, he has already sold more than 28 million copies of his albums.
On the other hand, his acting career debuted with Initial D in 2005. His role in the project earned him the Best Newcomer Actor during the Golden Horse Awards and Hong Kong Film Awards. Since 2007, he has been associated with JVR Music and since 2008, he was also associated with Sony Music Taiwan.
To the Richest:Jay Chou Net Worth帮我网

  • Movie
Jay Chou is also a good actor, screenwriter and director, who is called (Joked) “the next Jackie Chan" by Jackie Chan.
To IMDB:Jay Chou
Jay Chou played a shy boy Fujiwara Takumi in the famous Japanese comic book movie "initial D",which is called Asian“ The Fast and the Furious ” .(China's box office Top6)

Jay Chou played Prince Jie in director Zhang Yimou's costume Chinese blockbuster "Curse of the Golden Flower" .
He was shortlisted for the Hong Kong Awards for best supporting actor whose song "菊花台(Ju Hua Tai)" finalists for the Oscar best movie song .

Jay chou released his first self-directed movie " Secret" which was nominated for the Golden Horse Award for best film music, best song from a movie, best visual effects, best supporting actress, best Taiwan's annual film.
Jay Chou was Finalisted personally Outstanding Taiwanese worker of the Year Award , with a total of six nominations becoming equal to Ang Lee's works "lust, caution" .
Eventually the film gains the best original film song, best visual effects, best outstanding Taiwanese film (China's box office Top 9)
帮我网NAVER(South Korea's largest search engine and film score website)
As a classic movie in the eyes of the Korean people, Secret is equivalent to the Titanic.

Jay Chou starred in the super hero class Hollywood Movie"the Green Hornet", nominated for the MTV movie award.By the way,the ending song is named after Bruce Lee's weapon“ Nunchaku”.
Jay Chou's song "cowboy on the run became the "The Interview" episode.
Jay Chou starred in "Now I See You 2" in Macao antique collectors and the magician Tang.
Unfortunately, Jay Chou's music has no influence in Europe and the United States.
To billboard:Jay Chou

Hope you can enjoy his music and open the door to the C-POP!Thanks!
Tasy Fan ,Kungfu in Beijing!



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